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Photographer – William G. Behrends

Photos are of flowers and succulents planted and grown by F-LS Landscaping

FLS Services and Fernando have worked for and with me for over 19 years on many varied projects in backyard design, remodeling and overall care of my home. In all of these projects, Fernando has given his best, every time.

There have been paint projects, laying marble and other concrete block and tile projects. He’s done framing for an outdoor canopy covered play area for my grandson, and a built retaining wall to keep him in! We have done some remodeling projects with installing showers, windows, painting on the inside and outside of the house, sprinkler systems, landscaping design, created a beautiful patio with a nice awning out of just dirt, and installed patio furniture, laid sod and constructed big and little fences !

FLS and Fernando have taken good care of us over all the years and we appreciate him so much ! FLS is also reasonable for their customers in these tough times--without that policy, we would not be able to afford all these many wonderful things.” Victoria Behrends, www.BCST.us

Fernando has provided lawn, landscaping and general yard maintenance and special projects for us for several years. We are always pleased with Fernando's services. He is always on time, completes the tasks well and is eager to please us. Fernando and his team are extremely trustworthy and always do a very nice job for us. We think you can't go wrong if you consider having Fernando's company tend to the needs of your property or business. We think you too will be pleased!” Robbie Beason, Escondido, CA

My backyard needed some areas for my son to play in that were flat and easy to ride a tricycle on....I wanted a canopy as shade for him when he was outside, and a little painted wooden fence to keep him safe. FLS put in sod and filled in areas with grass seed for me, with a nice concrete surface. They did a terrific job, and I will have them come again soon for more work and for my yard.” VM, Leucadia

I highly recommend Fernando's Landcaping Services. Fernando is friendly, responsible, detail oriented and has provided outstanding landscaping services, such as cutting the lawn, trimming plants and tree. Also the fertilizing, planting, spraying, sprinkler installation and repair, the removal of debris, all at a reasonable fee. Fernando is also happy to provide other outdoor installation and repair services, including fencing.” Debbie Habura, Rancho Santa Fe resident

FLS services has done an excellent job remodeling my kitchen---countertops, plumbing and painting, and installed a new dishwasher—it looks so much better, brighter and more modern now.” RL, Carlsbad

To whom it may concern: Since moving to The Crosby seven years ago, we had had Fernando as our services and he has looked after our landscaping and trees. We interviewed a few people and found Fernando to be personable and polite. He and his people have proven to be very reliable. They always show up on time and do a consistent job of keeping the landscaping in order and replacing plants as necessary. We have recommended him often and he has even more satisfied customers in the community. We have no hesitation in recommending him as he is honest, capable, and reliable,” Alexander Hogg and Mitra Emadian, The Crosby, Rancho Santa Fe

My bathroom was very outdated and dull and the painting job that FLS did made a big difference...we also put in a new shower enclosure with marble and changed out the plumbing fixtures..we are so happy with FLS and the work that they did.” Mark Brown, Encinitas

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